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The lions will stalk the zebras and eat them.

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Q: Make a sentence with Stalk
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Can you give a sentence for stalk?

Sentence:- You like to stalk people. A celery stalk is green.

How do you use stock and stalk in one sentence?

STALK the stock in the warehouse

What is an example of a sentence using stalk?

i stalk my little brother for breaking my PSP.

What is a sentence for salk?

we ate stalk

What is a sentence using the word stalk?

I would very much like another stalk of celery, please.

What is an example of using stalk in a sentence?

It depends on the form of "stalk" you'll be using. "Jimmy cut down the corn stalk to decorate for Halloween." "Jimmy will stalk Karen until she knows that he exists."

What is a sentence with the word stalk in it?

I decided to stalk the bird to try and get the perfect photograph.It is illegal to stalk someone.The stalk of the plant was beginning to protrude through the dirt.

Procedure of making paper out of banana stalk?

to make banana stalk printing

How do you use the word stalk in a sentence?

It really was quite amusing to watch the cat trying to stalk our darts as we were playing. I just watched an interesting movie that was about a giant stalk that grew from beans.

How do you use fall a prey in sentence?

Beware that you do not fall a prey to the highwaymen who stalk these roads.

How would you use stalked in a sentence?

Go through (an area) in search of prey "stalk the woods for deer" The bad guy would stalk the protagonist. It was difficult to stalk Chandler in the daylight. So Linda ate a stalk of celery. Evita like to stalk Luigi into the walk in freezer. The man would stalk his lover, waiting to see what she would do.

What is the stalk part of a stamen?

The stalk part is called the filament.The filament hold the anther.These two parts make up the stamen.

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