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The pathological liar will confuse reality in their web of deceit until you don't know what to believe.

The casebook documented the pathological destruction of his disease.

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Q: Pathological in a sentence
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Can you give me a sentence for pathological?

I can give you a couple. He is a pathological liar. The disease is pathological.

What is a sentence with pathological?

Our pathological class was on blood diseases.

What does the term hypercortisolemia refer to?

Hypercortisolemia refers to high amounts of circulating cortisol and may be a pathological or non-pathological condition.

What is the abbreviation that stands for a pathological condition?


What is a liar?

A pathological liar is someone that doesn't know how to tell the truth. There could be many reasons for this behavior. The person wasn't treated well by their parents and made to feel like a sub zero human being, so they lie or dramatize their life events to impress their peers. It also could be a person that is totally spoiled and never made to face consequences for their behavior. Their personality may not fit in with most of their peers so they lie to impress their peers (it generally back fires.) They could simply be lazy and not work at improving themselves so lying is easier to them than actually telling the truth. What liars don't get is they stand out like a sore thumb in a crowd. There is help for pathological liars, but most will never admit to it and therefore few will seek help for this condition.A Pathological Liar is someone who lies all the time - it's a habit of theirs and they don't really see it as wrong.A pathological liar is someone who often embellishes his or her stories in a way that he or she believes will impress people. Some think a pathological liar is different from a normal liar in that a pathological liar believes the lie he or she is telling to be true (at least in public) and is "playing" the role. It is not clear, however, that this is the case, and others hold that pathological liars know precisely what they are doing. Making up stories and at the same time believing them is known as confabulation. The term "pathological liar" is not an official clinical diagnosis however most psychiatrists agree that pathological lying is often the result of a mental disorder or low self-esteem.

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Can you give me a sentence for pathological?

I can give you a couple. He is a pathological liar. The disease is pathological.

What is a sentence with pathological?

Our pathological class was on blood diseases.

Use pathological in a sentence?

Long bones are also at risk from pathological fracture.

How do you use Pathological in a sentence?

Let me begin by saying that I'm a pathological liar : P

How do you use the word 'pathological' in a sentence?

The court thought he was a pathological liar to be able to lie about his wife's death

A sentence using the word pathological?

some people like Patholigical

What is the mania for pathological indecisiveness?

aboulomania - pathological indecisivenessViper1

What is a pathological reflex?

A pathological reflex is an unexpected/abnormal response to stimulus. For instance, a positive babinski reflex is a pathological reflex.

What has the author Eduard Rindfleisch written?

Eduard Rindfleisch has written: 'Lehrbuch der pathologischen Gewebelehre' -- subject(s): Anatomy, Pathological, Histology, Pathological, Pathological Anatomy, Pathological Histology

How do you use scatological in a sentence?

In his old age, the man's bent toward crude expressions grew into a pathological wallowing in scatological language.

How can you tell if your girlfriend is a pathological liar?

If she is always lying to you, then she is a pathological liar.

What is the treatment for pathological disorders?

The term "pathological disorder" is a bit redundant, as all disorders are considered pathological by definition. Can you elaborate on your question?

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