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In the sentence 'Can you give a definition for that word?', YOU is the subject.

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Q: What is the subject in the sentence Can you give a definition for that word?
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Main word which the sentence is about?

That is the definition of the word subject.

What is Definition of the word subject?

The main topic of the sentence.

Can you give me sentence with the word correspondence?

look up the definition

Could you give a sentence involving the word subject?

he was subject to an investigation

How can a reader define a word in a sentence without the use of a dictionary?

You have to look at the way it is used in the sentence and that will normally give you the definition of the word.

Can you give a sentence that has the word amblivalent?

I have the most ambivalence to that subject.

Can you give me sentence of the word philosophy?

Philosphy is my favorite subject.

Could you give me a sentence using the word subject?

Biology was a subject I studied a school.

How do you find a sentence for evacuate?

You can find a sentence for evacuate if you either look the word up in the dictionary, or use an online dictionary to get the definition of the word. A lot of dictionaries will give the word in a sentence. If they don't, read the definition and you should be able to formulate your own.

Can you give an example sentence using the word singular?

1.)"Class,who can give me the brief definition of the word singular?",the teacher said to her pupils.

Can you give me a sentence using the word 'repose'?

Uh i know the definition but i need help finding a sentence for it. the definition is state of rest or inactivitivty. PLease help me. <ily3>

Can you give me a sentence for the word must?

My Parents said I MusT CLean My RoOm definition: have to, need to

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