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The pronoun in the sentence, "Put on your shoes." is your.

The pronoun 'your' is a possessive adjective describing the noun 'shoes'.

Another pronoun is the implied subject of the sentence you ("You put on your shoes.")

The pronoun 'you' is the second person, personal pronoun.

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Q: Put on your shoes pronoun
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Can your be a collective pronoun?

The pronoun 'your' is a possessive adjective, a word placed before a noun to describe that noun as belonging to the person (or persons) spoken to.There is no type of pronoun called a 'collective pronoun'.Examples:Jane, I like your shoes. (the shoes belonging to the person spoken to, Jane)Boys, it's time to put your toys away. (the toys belonging to the people spoken to, two or more boys)

What is the possessive form of shoes of the diver it?

The possessive pronoun form: the diver's shoes.

Can you use He as an object pronoun?

The corresponding object pronoun for the subject pronoun 'he' is him. Example:Jeffrey was at the mall. He was trying on shoes, so I sat down next to him.

Is this an intensive pronoun The children are able to tie their shoes themselves?

Yes, when the reflexive pronoun 'themselves' is used to emphasize the antecedent (children) it is called an intensive pronoun.

What is the pronoun for shoe?

The pronouns that take the place of the noun 'shoes' in a sentence are they as a subject, and them as an object.Examples:I like these shoes, they match my dress.These shoes weren't on sale when I bought them.

Is the shoes that he wear grammatically correct?

No, in the sentence 'The shoes that he wear...', the verb 'wear' is the first and second person form; the pronoun 'he' is a third person pronoun, requiring the third person verb form 'wears'. 'The shoes that he wears...' is a noun clause, not a complete thought, an incomplete sentence. Examples:Subject: The shoes that he wears are expensive.Object: I like the shoes that he wears.

What is a pronoun inference?

If you know what an inference and what a pronoun is just put it together to know what a pronoun inference is

Is whoever an indefinite pronoun?

No, the word 'whoever' is a relative pronoun, an interrogative pronoun, and a conjunction.Examples:Each citizen has these rights whoever you are. (relative pronoun)Whoever would pay that much for shoes? (interrogative pronoun)The trophy goes to whoever wins the tournament. (conjunction)

What is a sentence with which as a pronoun?

The pronoun which can function as a relative pronoun and an interrogative pronoun.A relative pronoun introduces a relative clause; a group of words with a subject and a verb that relates information about its antecedent.An interrogative pronoun introduces a question. The antecedent of an interrogative pronoun is often the answer to the question.Example sentence:I wore the shoes which I find most comfortable. (relative pronoun)Which is your favorite program? (interrogative pronoun)Note: The word which also functions as an adjective when placed before a noun to describe that noun.Example: I don't know which shoes to wear.

What adjectives are used in the sentence Our Egyptian friend Abdul asked us to remove our muddy shoes at the door?

our, egyptian, our, muddy, the Our is not an adjective it is a pronoun, a possessive pronoun

Is Those are not your shoes a relative pronoun?

No, the pronoun 'those' is a demonstrative pronoun, which takes the place of a noun, indicating near or far in place or time.The demonstrative pronouns are: this, that, these, those.A relative pronoun is a word that introduces a relative clause which additional information about the antecedent without starting another sentence.The relative pronouns are: who, whom, whose, which, that.example: The shoes that are yours are over here. (the relative pronoun 'that' introduces the relative clause 'that are yours')

When do children put out their shoes?

Do you mean when do they put shoes out for Christmas? It is done December 5th.