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If the sentence is spoken: "Good afternoon, all."

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Q: Should 'all be capitalized in Good afternoon All?
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Do you capitalize Monday?

Yes, "Monday" is capitalized as it is a proper noun and the name of a specific day of the week.

What is good afternoon to all of you in Argentina?

Buenas tardes todos = good afternoon to all (use todas if addressing group of women) Buenas tardes a vosotros/ustedes = good afternoon to you all (all of you).

Should all prounouns be capitalized?

No, no pronoun should be capitalized, unless it's at the beginning of a sentence.

Should All-star be capitalized?

Yes, "All-Star" should be capitalized when referring to the NBA All-Star game or a player selected as an All-Star.

Should LPN be capitalized in an essay at all times?

Yes, as an acronym LPN should always be capitalized.

Should the words in the title of books be capitalized?

All words apart from articles, conjunctions and prepositions should be capitalized.

Should all letters in RSVP be capitalized?

Yes! They are all short for another word, and therefore they all need to be capitalized.

How do you say good afternoon in zamboanga?

In Zamboanga, you can say "Buenas tardes" to greet someone with "good afternoon".

Is sacraments capitalized?

Only Eucharist should be capitalized, all others should not be.

What words need to be capitalized?

All proper nouns should be capitalized but all words are capitalized at the beginning of the sentence.

Should Dallas be capitalized?

Yes, all cities are.

Should the words be and can be capitalized in a title?

In a title, only capitalize the first word, proper nouns, and any other words that are typically capitalized (such as acronyms or the first word after a colon). So, "Be" and "Can" would not be capitalized unless they fall under these exceptions.