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When used as a noun, yes.

Myriad as a noun requires something definite that exists in a large number.

Myriad as an adjective requires something to describe (as countless or innumerable).

Examples :

(noun) - There was a myriad of choices at the buffet.

(adj) - He looked up to see myriad stars shining in the clear winter sky.

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Q: Should you use Of after myriad in a sentence?
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There are myriad species of bacteria.

How do you use the word myriad in a sentence about teamwork?

Here's a couple: There are a myriad of traits essential for teamwork: trust and responsibility are two of them. There are a myriad of things you can accomplish with team work.

A sentence for myriad?

I saw a myriad of girls running into the mall. *myriad just means crowd

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My family and I experienced a myriad of emotions over the next 24 hours.

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I love the curlicue of freshly planed pine - a myriad of curled ribbons of delicate wood.

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Myriad means countless. Myriad students have tried to cheat on their homework using this site.

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