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Since data is a Latin plural word, its Latin singular form is datum.

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Q: Singular of data
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Related questions

What is the singular form of data?

The singular of data is datum.

Word Data is a plural or singular word?

Datum - singular, data - plural (like in Latin).

Is the word data singular or plural?

The word data is plural; the singular is datum (a fact or a statistic).

What is the meaning of singular data plans?

Singular data plans are a plan for one singular person to have mobile data for their device. This is opposed to a family or shared data plan which is for more than one person.

What is the singular form of the word data?

The true singular form of data is "datum." However, it's so rarely used, that people just assume that "data" is singular form.

What is the singular and plural form of data?

The singular noun is datum.The plural noun is data.

When is the word data used in the singular noun and when is it used as a plural noun?

DATA is plural. The singular is DATUM.

Is datum singular or plural?

The noun 'datum' is a singular noun, a word for a piece of information or a basis for reasoning or a conclusion.The plural noun is 'data'.

What is the singular noun for data?

The singular form for the noun data is datum."Datum" is so rare now in English that people assume "data" has no singular form. Many Americans use "data" as a singular and some have even gone so far as to invent "datums" as a new plural.

What is the FOREIGN plural of data?

datum is singular and data is plural

Is datum a singular or plural?

Datum is singular. Data or datums is plural.

What is the singular of the word data?

The singular of 'data' is 'datum', but it's hardly ever used and I wonder if many people would understand it. It's much more common to use 'data' as both singular and plural with the singular or plural form of the verb as appropriate.

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