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"I sure love to watch Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged!"

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Q: Use abridged in a sentence
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How do you use abridge in a sentence?

"The new law might abridge our freedom of expression""The manuscript must be abridged"- taken from Wordnet dictionary

What could be a sentence with the word abridged in it?

The abridged series of shake sphere is inside this volume.Harry potter could be abridged into one book if JK Rowling wasn't a money hungry, now talentless hack.

Difference between abridged and unabridged dictionary?

The abridged dictionary deliberately omits some words, due to rareness of use or inappropriateness. An unabridged dictionary does not omit those words.

What is the answer to the rebus dictnry?

Abridged Dictionary

What is the definition of art from an abridged dictionary?

'The use or employment of things to answer some special purpose;...'.

What program did master wgs use to make Pokemon abridged?

Sony Vegas Pro.

How do you know if an audiobook is abridged?

It will usually specify on the box whether it is abridged or unabridged

Where can you find Death Note abridged?

You can find Death Note abridged on Youtube.

What is the abridged and unabridged dictionary?

Abridged is shortened, and unabridged is the full-size dictionary.

What is an ex- parte hearing with abridged time for service?

Not enough information is disclosed. "Abridged time for service" to WHO or WHAT? "Abridged" for WHAT reason? If you are represented by an attorney, ask them.

What Definition of art using an abridged dictionary?

The use or employment of things to answer some special purpose;...'.

What is the difference abridged and unabridged?

Abridged means "shortened version", the "un" prefix negates this.

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