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There are two different definitions for the term onslaught. It can be defined as being an overwhelming amount of force or an attack. It can also mean an overwhelming quantity of something. An example of this term in a sentence is â??There was an onslaught of complaints that came in regarding the new product line at the storeâ??.

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The government forces staged an onslaught against the rebel bases.

An onslaught of voracious caterpillars destroyed the tomato crop.

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Q: Use onslaught in a sentence
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Use the word onslaught in a sentence?

"He was overpowered by the merciless onslaught."

How can you use onslaught in a sentence?

My sister was the victim of an Onslaught of water balloons The Incas were overcome by the Spanish conquistadors' onslaught.

How do you use onslaught in a sentence?

He onslaughted the boy for taking his things

A sentence with the word onslaught?

The onslaught of the Black Death is difficult to suppress.

A sentence for onslaught?

The castle was unable to defend against the marauders' onslaught. I am expecting a veritable onslaught of butterflies, this spring.

Onslaught in a sentence?

A violent attack.An overwhelming outpouring: an onslaught of third-class mail.

How do you make a sentence with onslaught?

The attacking army's onslaught continued until the defending army was defeated.

Can you give me a sentence using the word onslaught?

Meaning: overwhelming assault or force; very large amount of something SENTENCE: He faced it with an onslaught of junk mail

How would you use steadily in a sentence?

The war horse steadily marched up the trail, despite the withering onslaught.

Can you give me a sentence for onslaught?

As the famous actress left her hotel, she was met by an onslaught of screaming fans, and the flashing lights of the paparazzi.

What is the origin of the word 'onslaught'?

The first known use of the word 'onslaught' was in 1625. It was modified from the Dutch word 'aanslang', which means 'a violent attack, act of striking'.

When was Onslaught - Transformers - created?

Onslaught - Transformers - was created in 1987.