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The inventor displayed his prototype to the potential buyers.

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2010-05-14 03:26:46
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Q: Use prototype in a sentence
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How do you use prototype in a sentence?

Biology is a prototype or an example

How do you use the word prototype in a sentence?

The prototype of the robot went wrong. Definition: A first or preliminary model of something

What is a good sentence for prototype?

We made a prototype of the rocket before we built it.

How would you use photon in a sentence?

We're working on a photon gun prototype, right now.

How and when do you use a prototype?

ewan cu ...

How do you take a screenshot in prototype?

use X-fire

Protoplasm in a sentence?

Prototype wiring or toolmaking skills essential with a minimum of 5 years experience.

What is a sentence with the prefix proto?

The prototype is done alas.As seen it is used as the first type of the object.

Use small prototype of the nuclear reactor in vehicles?

not practical

Do they use the f word in prototype and if they do how much?

yes ALOT

Why use CNC Model?

Why we keep using CNC milling process for prototype? The answer is pretty simple. that's the only way to get real material for testing. We make plastic prototype like ABS prototype, PC prototype, PC/ABS prototype PP /POM /PA/PA GF30%/PPS/PEEK prototype… Rather than that, we also provide metal prototype like, aluminum prototype, steel/brass /zinc /magnesium /titanium prototype and so on. In a word, we mill all the material which available in the market.For further Prototype information, visit 3E Rapid Prototyping official blog .

What is the difference between an invention and a prototype?

A invention is a finish product by the creator. This product works completely and almost perfectly and is ready to use by everyone. However a prototype is a product in its early stages. The product either is not safe to use, or has many flaws. A prototype is not a finished product while a invention is a finished product

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