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Quality of a variable High quality is re-manufactured Low quality is re-paired this a Quality answer? dave

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If I were to describe my work qualities, I'd say that I'm hard working, driven to do good work and hungry for raises and promotions.

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Q: What adjectives should you use to describe your work quality?
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What adjectives should you use to describe word work?

hard, useful, unnecessary, important

What are 10 words that describe Patrick Henry?


List three adjectives that best describe your work ethic?

Poor Lacking Unpromising

Describe how the quality of your work impacts others around you?

There are a number of ways you could describe how the quality of your work impacts others around you. You could say it has a positive impact on those around you for example.

How do you describe your ideal Manager?

There are a number of different adjectives you could use to describe your ideal manager. You could say your manager is nice and willing to work with you for example.

What are some adjectives that describe turtle in the westing game?

slow,hard shelled, marine animal

Describe any quality assurance responsibility in your work history?

There are many people who have quality assurance responsibility in their work history. Some people have this experience from their places of employment for example.

What are high level adjectives?

high level adjectives are interesting adjectives used in your work

How can I use nicely in a sentence?

I bought the new pair of shoes because they were comfortable and fit quite nicely on my feet.

Is metamorphosis a noun or adjective?

It's a noun. Adjectives are used to describe nouns ("my, you're looking very metamorphosis today" doesn't work, for example).

What will be the comment for a competent quality of work?

The comment on a competent quality of work should be 'satisfactory.' This means that the employee met the basic standards.

Describe job performance?

Job performance is the quality of work that someone does when working. Job performance is good if the person completes their work efficiently.