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laughing, playing doing

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thank you for the great ideas for the word day

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Q: What are 3 participles describing the word day?
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What are the 3 kinds of participles?

The three kinds of participles are present participles (ending in -ing), past participles (often ending in -ed, -en, or other irregular forms), and perfect participles (having been + past participle).

What is another word for a describing word?

an adjective :D<3 xoxox

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rubbreball, less, teas, backyard

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(1) as an adjective or adverb, either alone or with an accompanying phrase; (2) to form verb tenses that require more than one word, such as past perfect and all passive voice tenses from past participles and progressive tenses from present participles; and, for present participles only, (3) nouns, either alone or with an accompanying phrase.

What are 3 participles describing the word small?

Actually, small is an adjective. This makes it difficult to find a participle. If this helps, here is an example: rain (noun): flooding, falling Adjectives are hard to convert (coming from a 7th grader). Especially 'small'. Hopefully these examples help: "an interesting film" - "an interested look on her face" "an amusing joke" - "an amused audience" "surprising news" - "a surprised smile" I hope I was help, which I probably wasn't. But good luck

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3 day break

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FEARRS is when you are describing somethingFact and opinionEmotive languageAddress the AudienceRule of 3 (Exiting, Emotional, everywhere(describing something with 3 words))RepetitionRhetorical QuestionStories