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Q: What are three action verbs that describe football?
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What are three action verbs to describe water by what it is doing?

Examples of action verbs that describe the action of water are:running waterdripping watersurging water

What are three action verbs describing the word night?

Action verbs do not describe. Adverbs describe verbs. Adjective can describe night. Examples: Beautiful night Lonely night lovely night and so on...

What are three action verbs that describe Zeus?

to punish, to court, to dictate

What are some action verbs that describe a rainbow?

No action verbs describe a rainbow. Rainbow is a noun, and verbs show an action or a state of being. Adjectives describe nouns.Adjectives that can describe a rainbow:colorfuldistant

What verbs describe boys?

Verbs do not describe nouns like boys. Verbs show action.

What are three action verbs that describe the word garden?

Verbs don't describe nouns (garden), they tell about actions or states.dig the gardenplant the gardenwater the garden

What are the verbs to describe tree?

verbs are action words, they are not used to describe objects

What words can describe Action?


What are some verbs to describe Henry Ford?

Verbs do not describe things- those are adjectives. Verbs are action words.

What are some verbs that describe martin Luther?

Verbs don't describe; they show the action in a sentence.

What are action words that describe a rainbow?

No action verbs will describe a rainbow because verbs do not describe. Adjectives describe nouns. Some adjectives to describe a rainbow are: beautiful bright colorful

What part of speech do action words generally describe?

Action words are verbs. Verbs don't describe another part of speech. The show the action, state of being, or occurrence in a sentence. Adverbs are words that describe (modify) verbs.

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