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Q: What are three action words that ends with ING to describe the word school?
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What are three action words that end with ING to describe the word death?


What are three action words that describe mud?

messy gooey oozing absorbing annoying squishy mushy

What part of speech do action words generally describe?

Action words are verbs. Verbs don't describe another part of speech. The show the action, state of being, or occurrence in a sentence. Adverbs are words that describe (modify) verbs.

What words can describe Action?


What words can describe autumn in action words?

Words that describe nouns are adjectives; action words are verbs, not describing words, verbs tell what the subject of a sentence or phrase is or does. Some adjectives that can describe the noun autumn are chilly, bright, windy, or fun.

What are 10 words that describe Constantine?

well, three words to describe him are

Words to describe sensless action or remarks?


What are three best words to describe Amundsen?

Norwegian polar explorer are three words that succinctly describe Roald Amundsen.

What are three words to describe thermal energy?

Three words to describe thermal energy are:EnergyHeatTemperature

What words are use describe verbs?

Words like action, occurrence, event, or activity can be used to describe verbs. Verbs convey an action or state of being in a sentence.

What Words to describe a sea pig in action?

i like pig

Can you have a list of descriptive words to describe a school?

Here is a list of words that could describe a school. All schools are different, so some of the words below may not apply.smalllargeeducationalfunboringstudiousformaloverpopulatedunderstaffed