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Q: What do the initials PA stand for?
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What do the initials P A stand for?

The initials PA can stand for several things. Among them are Physician Assistant, Port Arthur, Prince Albert, and it is an abbreviation for the state of Pennsylvania.

What do these initials stand for and what do these initials stand for?

what does ARAM stand for

What do the initial PA mean after someone's name?

The initials PA after a name stand for "Professional Association". The initials are used by a group of individuals organized to practice their profession together using public corporation or private business entities.

What does PA stand for after an engineers name?

The initials PA listed after an engineers name has no meaning. However, the initial PE listed after an engineers name stands for Professional Engineer.

What is the initials for Pennsylvania?


What do the initials NUT stand for?

What do the initials n.u.t

Who has the initials PA?

that is the abbreviation for Pennsylvania

What state has the initials PA?


What do the initials TAB stand for in the TAB injection?

what do the initials TAB stand for in the TAB injection

What do the initials pbr stand for on prescription bottle?

The initials "PBR" stand for the perscriber of the medication.

What do the initials pa stand for following a doctor or lawyer's name?

PA after someone name in medical means the person is a Physician Assistant (not a Physician/doctor). PA after someone name in law means the person is a Public Attorney or lawyer.

What do the initials RSCPA stand for?

It stand for rescuestopanimalcrueality

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