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In linguistics, the last syllable of a word is called the ultima.

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2014-10-09 19:34:47
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Q: What do you call the last syllable in a word?
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What do you call the first syllable in a word?

English teachers call it the " initial syllable ", under the Keep-It-Simple Stupid [ KISS ] guidelines of modern style of usage. We [ ??? ] usually call it "the first syllable." It's formal name will depend on how far from the end of the word it is. The first syllable of a two-syllable word is called the penult (next-to-last), and the first syllable of a three-syllable word is called the antepenult (next-to-the-next-to-last).

What is the last syllable in the word while?

While is only one syllable. Thus while has no last syllable. The entire word is one

What is the accented syllable in the word nominee?

The last syllable is accented.

What is a final syllable?

A final syllable is the last syllable in a word. For example, in the word syllable, the syllables are syl-la-ble. The -ble would be the final syllable.

Does destroy have the first or last syllable stressed?

The word destroy is stressed on the second (last) syllable.

What is the last syllable of the word stressed?

Stressed only has one syllable.

Where is the stress syllable on the word allow?

On the second (last) syllable: a-lau

What is the word stress in word canal?

Last syllable.

What two-syllable word becomes a three-syllable word when you remove the last letter?


What is a last syllable stressed word?

A word in which the emphasis in pronunciation is on the last syllable. Promenade, disengage, present, reside, resent.

When is the last syllable of a Spanish word stressed?

Only when there is an accent over the vowel of the last syllable. Otherwise, assuming there aren't any other accent marks in the word, the second to last syllable is stressed.

What do you call a ten word syllable?

That's not a thing. But a ten-syllable word might be considered decasyllabic.

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