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General Services Administration, if you mean the GSA of the U.S. Federal government.

Or if you are referring to the Travel industry it means General Sales Agent

or Gay Straight Alliance

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Q: What does GSA mean?
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What does mean GSA in hotel industry?

GSA in hotel industry means Guest Service Associate... I never heard of this! It usually means General Sales Agent

What does GSA on a candelabra mean?

General Services Administration. See the Related Link.

Where can one obtain GSA contracts?

GSA contracts can be found at GSA Federal Contracts which offer a listing as well as ways to get the best deal on a GSA contract or at Get Started Up.

When was GSA Sports F.C. created?

GSA Sports F.C. was created in 1992.

What is the industrial funding fee?

The IFF is a fee collected by GSA Schedules contractors and remitted to GSA on a quarterly basis. It is .75% of your GSA sales for the quarter.

How do you join GSA on plazma burst?

You can just put the highest GSA rank on your profile page....

Where is it possible to learn about GSA auctions?

It is possible to learn about GSA auctions in a few websites. They would include the official website, GSA and About. One can email the company at the official website.

Who buys from GSA contracts?

General Service Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contracts (aka GSA Contracts or GSA Schedules) are open to all federal agencies plus some state and local agencies. Check for more information. You can also go to and see what products are available on GSA contracts.

Who can shop military stores?

Service members and their dependents, DOD/GSA civilians, DOD/GSA contractors.

How can armed forces mcss jbuec claim to be a GSA contractor when the owner is a criminal and a con man?

The GSA is corrupt and does not care that criminals are using the GSA contractor system to run scams.

Gsa smartpay 2 has a contract with 3 banks which bank does not have a contract for gsa smartpay 2?

Suntrust bank

What products can be purchased through GSA Advantage?

GSA Advantage provides IT products. IT products can be purchased through GSA Advantage. These are the only products they sell at this time, however maybe they will add to their inventory in the future.

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