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After Mr. Sir quit smoking, he ate sunflower seeds. He believed that they helped him quit.

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Q: What does Mr Sir eat in the book HOLES?
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Who is your favorite character from the book holes?

i like mr sir and zero

What is the judges name in the book Holes?

If you talking about the judge from the book Holes, by Louis Sachar, the judge's name is never mentioned throughout the whole book.

Why was the warden and mr sir aressted in the book Holes by Louis Sachar?

because they had guns.

Who is Mr SIir in the book Holes?

its Mr sir but the awser is he is a naughty teacher is bad to young kids Mr pendanckey is better

What is mr sirs age in the book holes?

It is revealed to be a criminal named Marion Sevillo.

In the book holes after the warden punishes mr. sir how does he get even with Stanley?


In the book holes what was Mr Sir's role?

Mr. Sir is one of the camp supervisors at Camp Green Lake in the book "Holes." He is responsible for supervising the boys and enforcing the rules set by the Warden. He is often portrayed as strict and mean towards the boys.

Why did the boys avoid looking at mr. sir's face in the book holes?

His face was badly scarred after the incident with the warden.

Did Mr Sir die in the book Holes after he was struck by the Warden's Rattlesnake polish?

no he was only left with a mark and angerness

Who stole MeSir sunflower seeds in the book Holes by Louis Sachar?

Zigzag stole Mr. Sir's sunflower seeds in the book "Holes" by Louis Sachar. He took them without permission and caused trouble for Mr. Sir by eating them all. This led to consequences for Zigzag and the other boys in the camp.

What happened to the boy who asked Mrsir what happened to his face in the book ''Holes''?

In the book "Holes," the boy who asked Mr. Sir what happened to his face is taken to the warden's cabin by Mr. Sir. The warden punishes him by making him dig a large hole in the desert under the hot sun as a form of disciplinary action.

Who are the main characters in the book holes?

Stanley katherine barlow mr sir mr pendanski the wardan x-ray zero and maybe sam xxx