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'Divers' is an archaic spelling for 'diverse', meaning many and varied places, or a lot of different places.

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2013-01-16 21:18:46
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Answered by a Theologian: It is an old way from the 1600's of saying "in many places and many ways".

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Q: What does divers places mean IN THE BIBLE?
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What Divers Disease in the Bible?

Diverse, as in many. The Bible also references divers lanuguages. Many disesase.... many languages.

What does divers mean in french?


What does divers mean as used in The Odyssey?

It means 'Various'

What does Divers mean in the Bible?

Very interesting question ... what does Divers mean. First one must understand the Divers is an English word and biblical texts are written initially in Hebrew (Old Testament), Chaldee (during the captivity of Judah in Babylon) and Greek (New Testament). Divers is an English translation used as a adjective, to clarify nouns and pronouns. Divers and Diverse are two words which sound the same but have very different meanings, event though they emanate from the same Latin word. Both are used in biblical text however they do have different meanings. - Diverse (adjective) is from the Latin Diversus which means turning in opposite directions. Diverse means unlike in nature or qualities (indicating uniqueness). Divers (adjective) is said to come from the same Latin word however its meaning is different from Diverse. Divers is more related to quantity or variation indicating "more than one or Several" - A simple explanation would be: Diverse = Unique from others (exa. Diverse heights) Divers = A quantity (exa. Divers colors, Divers places) - The Western English speaking peoples do not use the word Divers in their day to day conversation, but use the word diverse quite often. in the current Western English, Diverse retains its historical meaning and Divers is replaced by the words various or many, which indicate quantity

How do you use divers as a sentence?

You can use divers in a sentence like, The divers dove deep down to the bottom of the ocean to look for lost things. *divers can also mean: 1. several; various; sundry: divers articles. 2. an indefinite number more than one (used with a plural verb): He chose divers of them, who were asked to accompany him.

What is the underwater building being explored by divers?

There are many items underwater that are found in many places.

What does divers coloris au choix mean in English?

divers coloris au choix means 'various colors to be choosen from' in English.

What divers temptations mean?

The word 'divers' is an old-fashioned way of saying 'diverse' - which is an adjective meaning "showing a great deal of variety". So, "divers temptations" means "many different temptations".

What is meant by use of divers in the Bible texts?

Seriously? Could the word be diverse? meaning variety, or many kinds.

When divers things come your way count it all joy Bible?

Not exactly, but this is: James 1:2King James Version (KJV) 2 My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;

What do divers lust mean?

Divers: An indefinite number above one. Lust: A carnal desire for something or someone. Divers lust is an indefinite number of carnal desires.

When boating what does a red flag with a diagonal white stripe mean?

A float with a red flag with a diagonal white stripe is the symbol for "Divers Down"; Scuba divers are underwater in this area. Be cautious in the area of the float, because the divers will surface nearby.

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