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Hob knocker means that your cool in a geekish way.

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Q: What does hob knocker mean?
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What does the word hob knocker mean?

Hob knocker means someone that's gay doing something illegal

What does British slang Hob Knocker mean?

A Hob Knocker is when a guy slaps a sexual partner across the face with his penis.

Is hob knocker a bad word?

hob knocker is a bad word because here it is something gross and illegal. i will not say what it is.

What does a hob knocker mean?

It means a penis or testicles being slapped in someone's face.

In Great Britain what does hob knocker mean?

A "Hobknocker" Is a foreingn slang for a human who rapes animals.

What rhymes with hob knocker?

Mom's rocker; play soccer; gym locker...

What dose hob knocker mean?

it is someone who goes around slapping there genitals on people and masturbating in public and doing sexual act with animals

What does hobknockers mean on iCarly?

A hob knocker is someone that goes around hitting Men's nuts. That's why Sam in iCarly said it was illegal.

What is a 'hobknocker' from iCarly?

Hobknocker has five meanings:1) when a guy hits you in the face with his penis.e.g the hob-knocker hit her face so hard she nearly passed out.2) one who goes around hitting people hard in the testiclesOn ICarly and Friends the runner up to David Archuleta calls everyone Hob-knockers, hob-knocked is to get hit hard in the testicles ergo a hob-knocker...3)when a guy takes his penis and harshly slaps a sexual partner across the face.e.g a guy slapped his pee pee on my face and then called me a hob-knocker!4)some one who likes to have sex with animals DUDE!!e.g Shanara just had sex with that animal!! She's a hob-knocker lol5)something gross and illegal.e.g"He called me a hob-knocker. I don't even know what that means!"

What are hob-knockers?

In British, a hob-knocker is a person who is publicly indecent with his privates. He plays with them in public and may even use them as "weapons" and slap someone in the face with them.

Is hobnocking bad?

hob knocker means that someone who goes around hitting people in there privates so yes it is nasty discusting and illegal

What does hop knocker mean?

your grandma

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