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It may mean that the item is reserved.

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Q: What does it mean if an item is on hold?
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What confiscate mean?

to take awayconfiscate means to take or with hold an item from someone

Is the Griseous Orb a hold item or a key item?

it is a hold iteam

How do you hold a single item behind your back in Mario Kart Wii?

When you press and hold the item button, it will allow you to hold an item behind your kart

What does right drag mean?

You point to an item, hold down the right mouse button, move the item to the desired location, and then release the right mouse button.

How do you hold item in PokΓ©mon's red rescue team?

How i do to hold item in Pokemon red rescue team

How do you hold things in Fallout New Vegas PC?

If you mean manipulate an item without putting it in your inventory, you position the cursor on it and hold the 'z' key which is called 'grab'. You can then move your viewpoint around and the item will move as if held.

How do You Hold the item in back of you with the wii wheel?

Hold B

Can a Pokemon hold an item?

yes, they can.

Does target hold items?

Yes Target can hold items for you unless it is on clearance, a hot item, an item on sale, an item with gift card promotion for 24 hours.

Do you need to make electabuzz hold a item to breed a elekid?

No. Electabuzz needs to hold a special item to evolve but it can produce an elekid in daycare without holding an item.

How do you drop an item on Oblivion PC?

Hold shift and left click the item.

What does low stock mean at game stop?

It means that they do not have very many copies in stock of the item. Though you can call the store to hold the item for about 24 hours so no one will buy it before you.

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