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Drawing a personal connection means connecting to the work on a personal level. Instead of simply restating the storyline or objectively stating the work's genre, theme(s), symbols and so on, the reader connects something within the work with his or her own life. Even though "The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock" is written from the perspective of a frustrated middle-aged man, I could find points where I felt Eliot was writing my own experience even though I was a college-aged female "measuring my life with coffee spoons."

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when you connect yourself to something with some personal meaning to you

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Q: What does personal connection mean?
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a personal connection to a book means that is anything in the book that can be applied to you. For example, if in the book said that my couldn't find a job and getting a job is hard. Then if this is something that is happening to you then that is a type of connection to a book.

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