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A stuck up person

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Q: What does prig mean?
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How do you use the word prig in a sentence?

My big brother is such a prig, he always thinks he's better than us.

What is a synonym for prude?

prig, prune, bluenose

What is another word for Prig?

Prude Fussbudget Snob

What Charles Dickens book was Mrs Prig in?

Betsy Prig appears in Martin Chuzzlewit. as a friend of Mrs. Gamp. Together they nursed Jonas Chuzzlewit and Chuffy.

4 letter word for goody two shoes?


What are the four letter words ending with -ig?

brig, prig, swig, twig, Whig

What rhymes with dig?

FigPigbigGigJigRigWigZigPrigpig, fig, gig, jig, rig, wig, zig, prig,

How much do hamsters weigh wen thy are prig net?

2 pouns and 10 ounces

What rhymes with prig?

wig, pig, fig, twig, jig, trig, big, gig, the list is endless.

What is the moral lesson of the story Oliver Twist?

Since Oliver didn't become a "prig" (as shown when the Artful Dodger said "What a pity he ain't a prig" as Oliver cleaned his boots) which means a thief (as shown when the Artful Dodger said "Bet you don't even know what a prig is do you?" and Oliver answered as "Yes I do.. Its a..a thief. You're one aren't you?") this means that Oliver was a nice boy and in the end he was the one of all the other boys in Fagin's pickpocket ring that got to live in a big mansion and not be running from the traps (Police) all the time. So don't do what other people do when you know its not right is what i think the moral is.

What actors and actresses appeared in Flaws of Perception - 2010?

The cast of Flaws of Perception - 2010 includes: Rick Cordeiro as Mr. Stone Dwayne Mailman as Howard Salty Amanda Skinner as Danielle Prig

What rhymes with twig?

* big * dig * rig * gig * wig * zig ******* brig, fig, jig, pig, prig, sprig, swig, WhigFig, wig, dig, big, swig, jig, and others we canot think of at this moment-AnSwEr

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