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MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service.

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Q: What does the MLS stand for in MLS listings?
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Do listings for Charleston MLS properties include apartments?

No, the listings for the Charleston MLS properties do not include apartments. The only properties that are shown in the listings are detached, semi-detached and bungalow houses.

What is the Brevard MLS home search system?

The Brevard MLS home search system is the official site for Brevard County, Florida for searching for real estate listings. MLS stands for Multiple Listings Service.

Where can one find Austin MLS listings?

You can find listings for Austin MLS on most US real estate websites. You could also go to your local real estate agent and ask about the listings they have on offer to suit you.

Do the MLS listings include a foreclosure list?

It doesn't appear to. It looks like MLS Listings only lists homes being sold by a Realtor rather than by a bank.

Where can listings be found for Calgary MLS?

There are a number of places where listings can be found for Calgary MLS. They can be found both in Remax offices, as well as on the Remax website. They can also be found on the Calgary Real Estate Direct website.

What does MLS in MLS laser therapy stand for?

MLS LASER therapy is an abbreviation for "Multi-wave Locked System".

What does MLS stand for?

Major League Soccer

How can a person check if their realtor is certified to use MLS CA listings?

You can verify if your realtor is certified to use MLS CA listings by asking for his realtor license number. You can research this number using the California's Department of Real Estate Website.

What are flat fee MLS listings?

Flat fee MLS listings are real estate sales where the broker receives a flat fee for the sale of the house instead of getting a percentage of the sale. It is a service offered by a number of real estate companies.

Where can one view MLS listings for homes in California?

MLS listings for homes located in California may be viewed at the online sites Zillow or Trulia. Just navigate to the main site and select California and then narrow down to the specific area.

How can you find MLS real estate listings?

The MLS stands for multiple listing services. You can find the online portal designed around home listings. The site contains a search based format allowing you to find a property that suits your particular needs.

Where can one find Edmonton MLS listings?

One may find Edmonton MLS listings by accessing the site "Edmonton Homes". They provide complete listing along with the real estate agent contact information.

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