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To eat like a horse simply refers to the fact that some can eat a great deal. A horse may eat 2-6 flakes of hay a day, plus oats, fruit, or other pellets. (A flake is about 1/8th of a bale of hay; hay bales (small ones) can weigh 40-60lbs.

Thus if you "eat like a horse" you eat alot!

In addition, a horse can eat so much that they can make themselves seriously ill, even causing death!

This simply means you eat a lot. Horses are big animals and they do eat a lot. If someone says this to you take it as a compliment that you have a healthy appetite.
"Eat like a horse" simply means that someone eats a LOT of food.
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Q: What does the metaphor to eat like a horse mean?
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Does 'To eat like a horse' mean to eat less and remain hale and healthy?

"To eat like a horse" means to eat a LOT of food.

What does As hungry as a horse mean?

Really Hungry. Other phrases are ' I eat like a horse ' (I eat a lot) & 'I'm so hungry I could eat a scabby horse' (incredibly hungry)

How can you eat a horse?

if you're a dog.... (WHICH IS MEAN!)

What does atfh mean?

Eat the freaking horse!

What does the idiom eat a horse mean?

As in "I am so hungry, I could eat a horse"- means you are extremely hungry- since a horse is VERY big.

What does eat you alive mean?

It's a metaphor for something that is very hard or frustrating - as though it was an animal and was going to kill and eat you.

How do you transform a simile into a metaphor?

In simile, you use the words like, as. For example: "She is cute as a puppy."In metaphor, it does not use the words like, as.For example: "He is a pig."So to transform a simile to a metaphor, you should not use the words, like, as in the sentence.For example:Simile- I eat like a pig.Metaphor - I am a pig.Hope this helps.

Where did eat like a horse originate from?

Horses are know for their appetites. THey are constantly eating whenever they get the chance. "Hungry as a horse" and "eat like a horse" made good similies for a person with a big appetite.

Pictures of what horses like to eat?

Alfalfa Hay Horse Grain There are a few more types of foods a horse can eat l

What horse 's eat?

I think your trying to ask, 'what do horse's eat?' and it varies from horse to horse. They eat horse feed according to their age and whatever the vet may prescribe to them. They also do take pills (if your looking for everything they eat?), medicine, and any treats. Like apples, carrots, and any other horse treats.

What does the idiom 'I could eat a horse' mean?

that you're really hungry

What word means to eat like animal?

i don't think there is one, but just the phrase to "eat like a horse"

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