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If you use every part of a pig except the squeal, you use everything.

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Q: What does the phrase 'Use everything but the squeal' mean?
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What literary term is They use everything about the hog except the squeal?


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The children visiting the farm laughed each time one of the pigs squealed. Squealed is the past tense of the verb squeal.

How do you use 'squeal' in sentence?

I jumped when I heard the pig squeal. There is nothing in the world quite like a four year old girl's squeal of delight. The rambunctious teenager made his tires squeal.

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Someone in the squad let a squeal when they began to squelch in the mud.

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How do you spell a pig squeal?

There is no standard spelling in English for a pig's squeal. You can use "eeee" or "squee", or spell it however it sounds to you. In Dutch squeals are spelled: Wheeep, or Meeeep.

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