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Q: What does the saying Dig your own grave mean?
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What does the expression dig your own grave mean?

The expression "Dig your own grave" is a metaphor which means to get one's self into trouble that they may not be able to get out of, something foolish or dangerous.

When was Dig Your Own Grave created?

Dig Your Own Grave was created on 2006-04-24.

What are the release dates for The Clock - 1949 Dig Your Own Grave 1-37?

The Clock - 1949 Dig Your Own Grave 1-37 was released on: USA: 25 January 1950

How does Boxer dig his own grave in Animal Farm?

he buys a shovel

Meaning of to dig your own grave?

doing something stupid you can't possibly recover from

What is the idiom of digs ones grave?

To "dig ones grave" is to get ones self in trouble. Example- He dug his own grave when he decided to steal from the teacher and then brag to other faculty about it.

What does you could drop me for a dig mean?

Someone from their own home town.

What actors and actresses appeared in Dig Your Own Grave - 2012?

The cast of Grave Behavior - 2012 includes: Kim Beavers as Kimberly Drenning Andreas Beckett as Bradley Kohl Charleene Closshey as Leslie Jones Bubba Ganter as Tank Christina Holleran as Bethany Holdren Austin Jolly as Billy Drenning

What does Rekhmet mean?

Yahoo is saying Rekhmet is saying THANK YOU in your own language

Who is Father Duenas?

He was a priest on Guam martyred during WW II because he was suspected of aiding an American serviceman hiding from the Japanese. He was forced to dig his own grave, then beheaded.

When was Dig Your Own Hole created?

Dig Your Own Hole was created in 1996.

Whose grave does the speaker pass in Emily dickinson's peom?

Her own