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Abstracted from pentathlon in 1956 to describe an athletics contest in which participants ski and shoot, it comes from the Greek language words meaning two contests.

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2018-02-07 20:08:27
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Q: What does the word 'biathlon' mean and where does it come from?
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How do you spell biathlon in German?

The same word, Biathlon

What are facts about biathlon?

ggdgbsna it mean u can do it

What does the term Ibu mean?

International Biathlon Union

What is biathlon in German?


How do you spell biathlon in French?

the same, biathlon (masc.)

When was Biathlon Canada created?

Biathlon Canada was created in 1985.

What is a biatholon?

The correct spelling is biathlon instead of biathlon. A biathlon is a contest or sporting event, where two events are combined for athletes to compete in.

How do you buy a biathlon rifle?

I am not quite sure what you are asking. Do you mean where do you purchase one or what do you look for. If you mean purchase one, then I suggest several of the airgun web sites. Competition biathlon rifles can be very expensive. An example is the Feinwerkbau model P75 Biathlon that cost around $2,500. Today most, not all, of the biathlon rifles use a PCP system (PreCharged Pneumatic) With the required support system this will add to the cost See the links below and when they open look for biathlon models made by Feinwerkbau, Air arms or Airforce. There are also others that you may want to examine.

When was Biathlon European Championships created?

Biathlon European Championships was created in 1994.

When was Biathlon World Championships created?

Biathlon World Championships was created in 1958.

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If you mean the verb 'to come', it's 'venir'. It could also be the verb 'ir' if you mean something like 'can I come with you?'

What equipment is needed to participate in a biathlon?

The equipment you need includes skis, poles, a biathlon rifle, standard velocity ammo, a biathlon sling, and a harness.

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