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It is an adjective of the sentence and it is charecterized by the linking verb in the sentence

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Q: What does the word predicate adjective means?
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Is the word popular a predicate noun or predicate adjective?

predicate adjective

Is the word lush an adverb adjective or predicate?


What is a predicate adjicitve?

The word "cute" in the following sentence: He is cute. A predicate adjective is just an adjective in the predicate of a sentence, or following a verb.

In the sentence 'Was the pep rally fun' is there a predicate adjective or a predicate nominative?

The word 'fun' is both a noun and an adjective.In the given sentence the word 'fun' can be said to be either a predicate nominative or a predicate adjective.

What is the predicate adjective in the sentence Jerry looks into the map?

The sentence "Jerry looks into the map" does not contain a predicate adjective. A predicate adjective is a word describing the subject that comes after a linking verb. An example is "Jerry looks confused," where confused is the predicate adjective.

What part of speech is the word embroidered?

predicate adjective

Is the word Tall a Predicate adjective or a predicate noun?

A predicate nominative or a predicate adjectiverestates a noun following a linking verb or the object of a verb, telling something about the noun. The word 'tall' could be a predicate adjective or a predicate noun, depending on how it's used in a sentence. Examples:Predicate nominative: The size I need is a tall. (the noun tall is renaming the noun size)Predicate adjective: My brother is very tall. (the adjective tall is renaming the noun brother)

Is predicate adjective a word that renames the subject?

No, it modifies the subject.

What kind of complement is indicated by the word winner?

predicate adjective :)

Is the word squash a predicate adjective?

No, i think it's squashED

Is the word feminist a predicate adverb?

The word "feminist" is usually a noun or an adjective.

Is happy a predicate adjective or predicate noum?

a predictive adjective

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