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identifies things perceived through the senses (touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste), such as soft, stench, red, loud, or bitter. "Detail used in a persuasive paper with attempts to convince the reader: proof or evidence." ___ Unnecessary 'concrete detail' can produce pseudo-poetic diction and sound very strange. Compare: On 1 December 2001 Norman Weinstein shut his eyes for ever. Death tore the pen from his hand with: On 1 December 2001 Norman Weinstein died (and was unable to finish the book).

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Q: What is a concrete detail?
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How to write expository writing?

You must do it in this order: Concrete Detail, Concrete Detail, Commentary.

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What is the definition of Concrete Detail in the subject writing?

Concrete detail in subject writing simply means avoiding generalities so that a reader can better visualize or understand your meaning. This is term is better understood with an example. Rather than saying, "The man was asleep when I arrived at the hotel" one could add definitive detail to your description, ie "The old man was slumped over the counter, his chest heaving softly, his hands still holding his pencil and crossword section of the paper, which was now dangling over the front desk like Christmas garland." A statement like this one adds specific detail to an observation, making it much easier for the reader to visualize.

What is a commentary sentence?

A commentary sentence is a sentence about your opinion on the Concrete Detail. For a better explanation look for a Shaffer Paragraph explanation.

What is a good sample concrete detail for Lord of the Flies?

One effective concrete detail from "Lord of the Flies" is the scene where the boys construct a signal fire on the mountain. This symbolizes their hope of rescue and civilization. The fire later spirals out of control, leading to a disastrous outcome, highlighting the boys' descent into savagery.

What is definition of descriptive language's?

Descriptive language is language that describes the characteristics or qualities of a person, object, event, or scene using vivid details. It aims to create a clear and vivid image in the reader's or listener's mind by providing specific sensory details.

Which phrase is an example of a concrete detail in Li-Young Lee's "From Blossoms"?

From laden boughs, from hands

What do the abbreviations CD and cm stand for when discussing the format of a written essay or composition?

CD stands for concrete detail and CM stands for commentary (analysis).

What concrete detail is most relevant to Frederick Douglass's autobiography?

My feet have been so cracked with the frost, that the pen with which i am writing might be laid in the gashes

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