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The United States is not surrounded by three oceans.

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2010-03-02 04:27:48
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Q: What is a factual sentence using these three words three United States and oceans?
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Tell you a factual sentence using the words oceans three US?

The united states is covered in two out of three oceans-in the area.

Write a factual sentence using these three words oceans three US?

the ocean is the untied states

What are the oceans around the United States?

The Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Arctic Oceans.

What oceans are by the United States?

Atlantic and Pacific

What three oceans touch the United States?

Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans

Which ocean doesnt border the us?

The Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans border the United States. The Indian and Southern oceans do not border the United States.

What oceans are on the coasts of the United States?

Pacific and Atlantic

Are there three oceans surrounding the US?

Sort of. The 50 states touch three oceans, the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans. The "lower 48" states, also known as the contiguous United States have the Atlantic Ocean on the East and Pacific Oceans on the West. The Gulf of Mexico is part of the Atlantic Ocean and that is to the south. Alaska has the Arctic Ocean on the north and Pacific Ocean on the south. So the technically the three oceans do not "surround" the United States, but there are three oceans that border the United States.

Write a sentence or two using each of these words at least once pacific north America US arctic and Atlantic.?

North America is in the United States and is by the Pacific Ocean. The Artic and Atlantic Oceans are the smallest oceans. ;)

What oceans border Missouri?

No oceans border the state of Missouri. It's located in the middle of the United States of America.

What countries touch both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans?

United states and mexico

What 3 oceans border with the united states and Canada?

pacific,atlantic,and the arctic

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