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Griffin: The Griffin is a legendary creature with the head, beak and wings of an eagle, the body of a lion and occasionally the tail of a serpent or scorpion. Its origin lies somewhere in the Middle East where it is found in the paintings and sculptures of the ancient Babylonians, Assyrians and Persians.

Lammasu: Lamassu are human headed lions that guard the gates of Assyrian temples and palaces. They have wings, and therefore the power of flight and have great strength.

Shedu: Similar to the Lamassu, this beast that is from Assyrian-Babylonian mythology has a human's head, the body of a bull and wings. It guards temples and palaces.

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If you are asking about The Bible

- - a lion, when used figuratively, generally (but not always) means 'courageous justice'. Jesus is likened to the 'lion of the tribe of Judah.' Jesus is certainly both 'courageous'; and perfectly reflects Jehovah's cardinal quality of 'justice'. (But Satan is also depicted as a lion; so in this case it would picture 'devouring; tearing apart')

- - Wings, when used figuratively in the Bible, generally refers to 'agility, speed, and swiftness.'

[But wings might also represent 'protection' as a hen provides protection for her chicks; also 'gathering together' (again as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings for 'protection'.) (Matthew 23:37)

It can also mean 'carrying someone along' (Exodus 19:4).

The context would generally determine what it might mean.]

Another Answer:

A winged lion was the official symbol of the 1st great World Empire of Babylon. Both lions and dragons (winged) decorated the gates of the City.

A lion usually represents 'great power' and wings sometimes represented that sovereign power or 'lordship' over the might or armies of the empire. Though wings also represent speed at times.

A mythology that was known in biblical times had the world beginning with birds and then afterwards came the 'race of the blessed immortal gods' - humans. An ancient Greek poet, Aristophanes, even makes note of this.

Some call the time of Nimrod as the 1st great apostasy. He had a 'winged bull' as one of the many statues made of him. The winged bull was also used from Persepolis.

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The planet Venus.

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Q: What is a lion with wings called?
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What is the name of a lion with wings?

This is a creature from the Greek mythology called a Griffen.

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What can a lion with wings be called?

I believe its called a chimera (added later) actually, i believe a chimera also has the heads of a goat and snake/dragon. Though often confused with a griffin (which has both the wings AND head of an eagle) there is no other term for a winged lion.

What is an Assyrian winged lion?

An assyrian winged lion is a famous lion with wings and the head of a person. The original came from a statue called IAMASSUwhich was sculpted in the neo-assyrian period under the reign of Ashurnasirpal II.

What do you call a wolf with wings?

There is no such mythological creature. Closest is a lion with wings, a Griffin.

Mythical bird of prey?

The winged lion is a Venetian symbol of royalty. The closest match I can find is the griffin or griffon - a mythical creature that is part eagle, part lion. However, it would be a lion with wings *and* the head of an eagle. It's a manticore. They can have wings, bat wings or bird wings. They have scorpion or dragon tail. Often depicted with human face. In some cases they are called wyverns, but this is a mistake in nominclature as wyverns are members of the dragon family.Probably the sphinx. It has the body of a lion, the face of a woman, wings, and a penchant for telling riddles.

Is a griffin a mythological animal?

Yes, it is a lion with wings.

What do you call an animal lion with big wings?

A gyriffin

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