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A wine glass is can be called a wine glass, or a goblet, each type of wine glass has a different name that goes along with the type of wine.

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Q: What is a wineglass called?
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When was John Wineglass born?

John Wineglass was born in 1973.

What is the plural of wineglass?

The plural form of the compound noun wineglass is wineglasses.Example: We raised our wineglasses to make a toast.

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What does okonkwo's wineglass symbolize in the book Things Fall Apart?

Okonkwo's wineglass, that of a human skull, symbolizes Okonkwo's prowess as a warrior, and his warlike demeanour. It also shows how caught up in being a warrior Okonkwo is, as his life is not as balanced as others in his village.

Do Tasmanian tiger live at wineglass bay?

No. The Tasmanian tiger, more correctly known as the Thylacine, is extinct.

How many ounces fit into a small wineglass?

6 1/2 ounces is usually one serving of wine.

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What is the real name for goblet cells?

The term goblet cell derives from the characteristic wineglass shape of these cells in conventionally fixed tissue: a narrow base and an .... Other names for this lesion include adenocarcinoid, mucinous carcinoid tumor, and crypt cell carcinoma.

When finding the fundamental frequency of a wineglass do you need to find the glass's percentage volume before each trial?

Yes, since fundamental frequency is based on the standing wave that forms, by changing the amount of liquid you change the length of the medium the standing wave is in, thus the perceived frequency.

How many fluid ounces does a wine glass hold?

This quickly becomes meaningless because the sizes of wineglasses vary tremendously. But in the sense of (accepted) liquid measure or for cooking use, a "wineglass" full means four ounces. The British measure of a "gill" is also four ounces.

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