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Encls. or encls.

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Q: What is abbreviation for enclosures?
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What abbreviation would you use for enclosures?


What is the abbreviation for enclosures?

encl. or enc.

Where can I purchase electronic enclosures online?

Electronic enclosures can be purchased in various places online. Electronic enclosures can be found at and

What types of zoo enclosures are there?

there are many different types of enclosures including cages jungle enclosures for monkeys and lion enclosures, grass, mud, forest, adventure, e.t.c

When was The Law of Enclosures created?

The Law of Enclosures was created in 1996.

What is the sentence for enclosures?

The horses and the llamas will require separate enclosures.

Where can one find more information about network storage enclosures?

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Where to buy a surplus supply of aluminum enclosures?

It is hard to tell where she purchased the aluminum enclosures that she is using, but you can purchase aluminum enclosures from This website has lots of different aluminum enclosures to choose from.

When was The Law of Enclosures - film - created?

The Law of Enclosures - film - was created in 1999.

What is the duration of The Law of Enclosures film?

The duration of The Law of Enclosures - film - is 1.85 hours.

Should electrical enclosures be decorated?

If you're looking for colored electrical enclosures, would be your best bet. They specialize in custom enclosures, because they shouldn't have to be boring.

Where can I find a self-help book about screened patio enclosures?

Find your self-help book for screen patio enclosures at They have books about screened patio enclosures.