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Some synonyms for the verb lecturing, are admonishing, berating, criticizing, discoursing, preaching, reprimanding, reproving, scolding, sermonizing, teaching.

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Q: What is another word for lecturing?
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What is the verb form of the word lecture?

-Lecturing -Lectured _________ Or simply: to lecture. Lecture is a verb its forms are: lecture / lectures / lectured / lecturing

What is the present participle of lecture?


What are some jobs in Nigeria?

lecturing jobs

What is the difference between seminar and training?

Seminars involves more lecturing on a given topic; while trainings will also involve lecturing but can include an interactive component from attendees.

How would you use lecturing in a sentence?

Mom, there's no point in lecturing me because I realized my mistake all by myself.

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What are the differences between public speaking and theatrical performance?

Entertainment and persuasion or lecturing

How did Louis Sullivan maintain his influence after his popularity waned as an architect?

writing and lecturing

What is the procedure of lecturing?

First, "lecturing" means standing (or sitting) in front of an audience and giving a talk; when you give a lecture, you are supposed to show your expertise, and this kind of talk often contains research and useful information. "Lecturing" is a word that is usually associated with college professors, although some experts in other occupations are often asked to give a lecture on the subject they know best. (Lecturing can also be word that refers to a parent verbally disciplining a child who has misbehaved.)As for the procedure, lecturing means providing your listeners with interesting information. To do that effectively, you need to write it ahead of time so that you can practice it. You need to have a good outline (with the main points you plan to talk about); make sure your research is accurate; and have plenty of examples. You want to sound like you know what you are talking about. Make sure you don't just get up there and drone on in a monotonous voice, and don't just read your notes. A good lecture should be interesting for the audience, and it should make them glad they came to listen to you.

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