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Doing today is a bronzer idea

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Q: What is author Joanna Russ doing today?
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Plural form of Russ?

A noun ending in -s forms the plural by adding -es to the end of the word.The singular proper noun Russ becomes the plural noun Russes.

How do you use disrupt in a sentence?

Use it as a verb as in the sentence, "Russ knows how to disrupt the class."Russo know how to disturb the class.

Where did cool beans come from?

This phrase was first uttered in 1978 by Russ Emerson of Jacksonville, NC. In a response to meeting some people at the cafeteria for lunch, he said to his friends, "let's meet at 11:30 at the same beans?" The rest is history!

What are the rules on where to put apostrophes?

Apostrophes are put in place of elided letters, e.g. don't, for, do, not, or fo'c's'l for forecastle. In the case of possessives, the rule is: 1) All singular nouns, regardless of spelling, take 's; 2) Plural nouns ending in s take the apostrophe alone, but plurals not ending in s take 's. For example, Russ's house, States' rights, women's sports.please re-phrase this so we can understand your meaning.

What seven rides does the character Blake go on in the book full tilt by neal shusterman?

The carousel, where the animals are college mascots, in a stampede.The bumper cars, where it's in a Chicago looking place, with a Mafia sorta thing.A boat ride, where it's themed after Moby Dick.The Hall of mirrors®, where the mirrors distort you to look horrible, and you can go through them.A roller coaster, where the carts turn into Japanese planes.The Wheel of Ra®, where it's in ancient Egypt, and Quinn's King Tut, and destined to die.A Tilt-a-Whirl®, where it turns into a video game spaceship, and everything in the ride is from inside Blake, and Quinn's head.Then he rides on one extra ride so Quinn, Maggie, and Russ can all be free too. The final ride is the tea cups, and Blake gets a yellow one, where he relives the school bus accident he was in when he was 7 years old. ®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®

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Joanna Russ died on April 29, 2011, in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

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