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Immediate gratfication, "living for the day", is all about setting short term aims and wanting the rewards straight away rather than waiting to receive them in the future. This is common with the working classes. Upper classes are taught to defer gratification which means setting long term goals and receiving the benefits at a later date.

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It describe decision maker who tend to want immediate rewards and to avoid immediate costs. For these individuals,decision choices that provide quickly pay-off are more appealing than those that may provide pay-offs in future.

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Q: What is immediate gratification bias?
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The Immediate Gratification Players was created in 1986.

What is the theme in the golden goose fairy tale?

That greed leads to precipitous behavior, in which the future is sacrificed for immediate gratification.

Use the word gratification in a sentence?

My meal tasted bland and gave me no gratification. I got no gratification from firing my secretary.

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your words was gratification in many ways

Factors that determine personality?

AnswerI guess some of this factors include (1)Immediate gratification,(2)Ego and (3)Super Ego.Based on this three,there is the gradual and further explanation underneath.

This type of behavior is present at birth and does not have to be learned?

id ego- present from birth fcopaonent of personality, this id is driven by the pleasure principle which seeks immediate gratification of desires, wants and needs.

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The judge got gratification at sentencing the murderer to prison.

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The car add promised instant gratification.

What is delayed gratification?

Delayed gratification is when you do something you know you should, even though you don't want to, because you know it will make you feel better later. It is the opposite of instant gratification, where you do whatever makes you feel good right now.

Are gratification and addiction linked?

Yes, they are often closely associated as are inability (or unwillingness) to defer gratification.

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