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the mood of that story is sad and the tone are also sad

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Q: What is mood or tone of the story of dead stars?
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What does the setting of a gothic story help an author quickly establish?

tone/mood of a story

What is tone for reading?

Tone is basically the mood of the story.

What is the tone in a story?

A tone is the overall mood of a story, the way it makes you feel

What is tone in reading?

Tone is kinda like the mood of the story.

What is mood and tone of a story?

The mood and/or tone is how the story says the words and how the characters feel. Let's say your reading a horror story the tone so far is scary because people in the story may be screaming getting pulled from under beds and etc. So that is what a mood and tone of a story is.

Is mood the same as tone in a story?

The author uses tone in a story through word choice to create a mood for the reader or listener.

What is comical tone in a story?

if there is a comical tone in a story, it means that the author's mood is funny, or humorous.

How does the mood or tone affect the plot of a story?

It doesn't affect the plot, but the plot can affect the mood or tone. The plot is what happens in the story, while mood and tone are emotional responses to that plot and the wording the author choses.

What is the tone or mood?

Tone is the attitude advanced by the narrator of a story. Mood is the attitudes and general feelings that are conveyed by the characters in the story. Atmosphere is the general feelings that are conveyed by the setting of the story.

What is the tone or mood in The Lion King?

What is the mood of the story lion king?

Mood or tone of eleven by Sandra Cisneros?

the mood of the story is very sad, depressing, melancholy

What is tone and mood?

Many glossaries of literary terms do not distinguish between tone and mood, attributing to them the same definition.The feeling that the story induces in the reader.Some glossaries how do have separate connotations for the two terms.Tone: the attitude portrayed by the narrator of the story. As in 'tone of voice'.Mood: the feeling, tension or emotions conveyed by the characters in the story.

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