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what is functional art

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Q: What is the basic definition of Functional Art?
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What is the basic definition of realistic art'?

Art that is created with the goal of lifelike representation

What is the difference between functional art and a non functional art?

Functional art is art that serves a purpose. A potter who creates tea sets is making functional art. Non-functional art refers to paintings and such pieces of art that are created to view and contemplate.

What was the primary goal of early nanotechnology?

A basic definition: Nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale.

What are examples of functional art?

examples of functional art

How do you define and explain the meaning of health?

The basic definition of health for many people is the absence of disease. Another definition would be the functional or metabolic efficiency of an organism.

What is the most basic functional unit of what is the most basic functional unit of an organism?

a cell

What is the basic structural and functional unit of organisims?

The basic structural and functional units of organisms are cells.

Why is Asian art a functional art?

art embody traditional art style.......... hahaha

What is art that is made to be functional as well as pleasing?

applied art

What is the definition for American art?

what is the definition for the word american art?

What point does art shift from functional art to formal art?

for the most part art is neither functional nor formal, however it can be if the artist is very precise and a detailed worker. art can be both functional and nonfunctional because either way they both work . the shift is the additional changes: abstract vs. precise.

What is the basic functional unit of a myofibril?