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states that the lowest rock in layers is the oldest and the highest is the youngest rock layer

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Q: What is the definition for principal of superposition?
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Analysisn the principle of superposition and moment area in shear force bending moment distribution?

Superposition of Waves: Linear Homogenous equations and the Superposition principal nonlinear superposition and consequences.

Why superposition principle can not be used to determine power?

because superposition principal assigns direction but power is scalar quantity. therefore we can not determine power.

What is the difference between nonlinear and linear system?

Linear system follows principal of superposition and homogeneity and Non linear system does not follow the same.

Is the superposition theorem applicable to non linear network why?

Yes, superposition theorem holds true in AC circuits as well. You must first convert an AC circuit to the phasor domain and the same rules apply.

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What is a good sentence for law of superposition?

the law of superposition is the three group names

State the principle of superposition of waves?

superposition of waves is the vector sum of the individual displacements

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What is superposition function?

---- ---- == == == == ----