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"Be-" as a prefix is more complicated than most other prefixes as it has multiple definitions. Whereas the other dozen or so most commonly used prefixes can be defined with one or two words, "be-" requires much explanation. Take out your dictionary for a full and complete listing, but here are the usages that I can hopefully help explain and example: 1) thoroughly, 2) to make or cause to seem, and 3) to provide with. I personally do not find it helpful to get bogged down by WHICH exactly fits a new word. Just relate them all to the rest of the word. 1) thoroughly Ex: A "bespeckled" egg has speckles all over it; it is "thoroughly speckled." (As I said, it makes sense to just say the egg was made speckled or was provided with speckles, doesn't it?) 2) to make or cause to seem Ex: When you "belittle" a person, you "make" that person "seem little." 3) to provide with Ex: A "beloved" person is one who has been "provided love."
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Q: What is the definition of the prefix be?
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