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water resistant means that water will not soak through your (Eg. coat) right away but after a while water will start to soak through. water resistant material are like winter jackets and stuff. they have a protective layer but are not meant for hardcore snow/rain. On the other hand water proof means that no water will ever get in. like a water proof camera or watch. these items are meant to go under water and are perfectly protected against H2o

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water resistance is lowest level of water protection.If a device is said to be water-resistance means it is difficult for the water to get in to the device or possibly the device may be coated with light substance that helps the device's chance of surviving an encounter with water.

Water proof means the bag can be submerged completely underwater for long periods of time, and there won't be one single drop of water that enters the interior.

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Q: What is the difference between water resistant and water proof?
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What is the difference between rust resistant and rust proof?

Something that is rust resistant will not rust easily; minor exposure to water will not cause it to rust. Something that is rust proof will not rust.

What is the difference between white and green drywall?

The green is water resistant.

Is the Samsonite Luggage Winfield 20in. Carry-On water proof?

No, it is not water-proof. Although it is water-resistant.

How are steel corrugated roofs made water resistant?

they are corrosion proof so they are water resistant.

What is the difference between feathers and fur?

Feathers are more resistant to water than fur

Is a galaxy s5 water proof?

It is water-resistant (IP67 rated), but not waterproof.

What is the depth to which this Seiko is water resistant?

660 feet is the water proof depth.

Which brand of luggage is water proof, scratch proof?

American Tourister makes both water and scratch resistant luggage.

Is this watch water proof or resistant?

No, this Lucien Piccard watch is not waterproof.

Are all play tents and tunnels water resistant and if not, which brand sells water resistant products?

No not all play tents are water resistant. Pacific Play do supply water resistant and SPF30 proof with their tents and tunnels for the extra safety of your children.

Is it safe to go under water with a water resistant product?

Water resistant is not the same thing as water proof. A water resistant object can get wet and not be damaged, but it should not actually be submerged entirely. It still has some degree of vulnerability to water.

Is the lg g4 water proof?

The LG G4 is not waterproof, let alone water resistant.