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The Bakers

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Q: What is the main family's name in Cheaper by the Dozen?
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In Cheaper by the Dozen what was the fathers name?


What was Taylor's name when he played in the movie 'Cheaper by the dozen 2'?

His name was Elliot.

Steve Martins character name in cheaper by the dozen?

Tom Baker

In the 2003 movie Cheaper by the Dozen what is the name of the father in the Baker family?


What is the family in cheaper by the dozen's last name?

Gilbreth in the book and baker in the movies

What is the name of the mother on Cheaper by the Dozen?

Real name : Lillian Moller Gillbreth Nickname : Lillie

When is Jacob smiths birthday?

Jacob Smith (full name Jonathan Jacob Charles William Smith) from the movies Cheaper by the Dozen, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Troy and Phantom of the Megaplex has the birthday 21 January 1990.

What is nora bakers full name when is her birthday and what grade is she in from the movies cheaper by the dozen?

Piper Perabo is the actress' name. She was born 10/31/76. Im assuming that she was not in any grade for that movie since she would have been in 27 (29 for cheaper by the dozen 2).

What is the Vietnamese royal familys last name?

The Vietnamese royal familys last name is Nguyen.

Who played eldest child in Cheaper by the dozen' with Clifton Webb as the father?

The actor is Jerry Lewis Is this a joke? Jerry Lewis was not in the Clifton Webb version of "Cheaper by the Dozen." Totally false! Lewis never played in any movie made by Clifton Webb! Look it up on IMDB or a million other sources. You won't find Jerry Lewis' name in the cast of "Cheaper by the Dozen."

What is uraniums familys name?


Who is the waiter in The Muppet Movie?

His name is Steve Martin, a famous comedian who has played in many movies including Cheaper by the Dozen.

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