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The opposite polarity or charge is negative.

The opposite of a numeral or balance is also negative, or deficient.

The opposite of (being) positive would be unsure or uncertain.

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Q: What is the opposite of positive?
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What is the opposite of negative?

The opposite of negative is positive

Can a positive have an opposite?

Any positive numbers opposite is the same number just as a negative.

Will the opposite of a positive number never be a positive number?

The answer depends on whether you mean additive opposite (TRUE) or multiplicative opposite (FALSE).

What is the opposite of the integer -4?

4. The opposite of an integer is a positive if the integer is negative and negative it the integer is positive.

What the meaning of opposite in maths for kids to understand?

opposites somehow like a positive number is the opposite of a negative and a negative number is the opposite of a positive

If a is negative then -a is positive proof?

if a is bad, then negative bad or not bad is good.-a means the opposite of a. Since a is negative and the opposite of a negative is positive, -a is positive.

Whats the opposite of positive 8?

The additive opposite is -8.

What is the opposite of privative?

positive, good

What is the opposite of -1?

positive 1

What is the opposite to the word positive?


Why is negative multiply negative equal to positive?

Negative in English terms means "opposite." Multiplication can represent "of". So, negative times negative is the "opposite of the opposite." And the opposite of an opposite is the same, hence positive, because "same" is the opposite of "opposite" and positive is the opposite of negative. So if you put it into English words, it actually makes some sense. In essence, negative and negative "cancel out."

Are the product of two opposite numbers positive?

No. The product of two opposite numbers is always negative. Negative x positive = negative and Positive x negative = negative

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