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From New Latin camera obscura ("dark chamber"), because the first cameras used a pinhole and a dark room; from Latin camera ("chamber or bedchamber"), from Ancient Greek καμάρα (kamara, "anything with an arched cover, a covered carriage or boat, a vaulted chamber, a vault").

Scientists in the medieval Middle East, such as Al-Haitham, made significant advances in optics by experimenting with pinhole cameras, adopting the Latin/Greek word into Arabic (AL QAMRA- القمرة) and further analyzing this phenomenon.


1708, "vaulted building," from L. camera "vaulted room" (cf. It. camera, Sp. camara, Fr. chambre), from Gk. kamara "vaulted chamber," from PIE base *kam- "to arch." The word also was used early 18c. as a short form of Mod.L. camera obscura "dark chamber" (a black box with a lens that could project images

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Q: What is the origin of the word camera?
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