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The plural of culprit is culprits.

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Q: What is the plural of culprit?
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What is culprit?

What is the meaning of Culprit. For example :- Who is culprit

Is a sentence for culprit?

The puppy is the obvious culprit.

What part of speech is culprit?

"Culprit" is a noun.

Can you make a sentence with the word culprit in it?

The police were able to catch the culprit behind the series of burglaries in the neighborhood.

What is an example sentence of culprit?

The money was stolen, but they knew who the culprit was.

When was Culprit - band - created?

Culprit - band - was created in 1981.

What is the meaning of culprit drugs in medical dictionary?

culprit medication

Who is the shake it up culprit?

the culprit is the janitor who is disguised as someone else.

What is the definition of the word 'culprit'?

A culprit is a person who is responsible for committing a crime or wrongdoing.

the plummeting catch of the fish is blamed on the culprit, explain.?

the change in technology is the culprit

Who does you mean on mystery train island?

You mean who is the culprit? Well if you do the culprit is the paris lady!

How do you use culprit in a scentence?

Jessie stole the iPad and Martin knew that Jessie was the culprit.