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The predicate of this sentence is "are reliable information gathererers."

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2009-12-12 09:17:54
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Q: What is the predicate word in the sentence storm trackers are reliable information gatherers?
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What is an example of a predicate?

A predicate is the verb and extra information in a sentence, that does not include the subject.

What is the predicate in the sentence do not move?

There is no predicate. Why there is no predicate because the predicate is usually the verb then the rest of the sentence. so their is only an simple predicate which is move.

What is a predicate in a sentence?

The Predicate in a sentence is the action or what the subject is doing.

What is another name for the predicate in a sentence?

Another name for the predicate in a sentence is a Verb. The Predicate tells what the action is. It's the verb in the sentence.

What is the predicate adjective in the sentence you tossed your cookies?

There is no predicate adjective in that sentence.

States what the subject does is or has in a sentence-?

The predicate states what the subject does, is doing, or has done in a sentence.

Is the word am a predicate?

A word by itself is not a predicate. A predicate is a portion of a sentence which can consist of one or more words. "Am" is a verb. It is possible that when "am" is used in a sentence that "am" will be the predicate of the sentence, for example: "Are you the chosen one? I am."

Is invited a predicate or noun?

Invited is a verb, but can be part of the predicate in a sentence. The predicate is what is said about the subject of the sentence. In the sentence, "I invited Tommy to dinner", I is the noun, invited Tommy to dinner is the predicate.

What is the simple predicate verb of this sentence Where did you hide all of your money?

The Simple Predicate of that sentence is hide. the verb of the sentence is always the simple predicate

What is the complete predicate of this sentence the new chemistry teacher at your school is my friends cousin?

The predicate of this sentence is "is my friend's cousin".

What is simple predicate?

The KEY word in the predicate part of the sentence. It is not the WHOLE predicate. The simple predicate in a sentence is also known as the verb or verbs. The SIMPLE Predicate is not all the other words that are found in the predicate

What is a predicate word?

A predicate is an important part of English grammar. It is a phrase or clause that not only has the verb of the sentence but also adds some information to the subject.

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