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They are called locking pliers or locking jaw pliers. Sometime clamping pliers.

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Q: What is the proper term for vise grips?
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How costly is a vise grip on average?

Vise grips are generally not that expensive they usually run about 10.00 and up depending on brand.

How do I change saw blades on a table saw?

unplug it clamp a pair of vise grips tightly to blade turn it up on end find the correct size socket for the bolt on the hub it should unscrew clockwise (vise grips keep blade from turning) pull the blade out the top with the vise grips put the new blade on in reverse order

How do you get a bolt off that is sriped that holds the blade?

Try vise grips or a pipe wrench

How do you remove top nut on shock without the whole thing turning 94 Chevy pickup?

Use a pair of vise grips and grasp the shaft tightly and lock the vise grips. This will hold the shaft while you remove the nut.

What are VISE bowling ball inserts and what do they do to your game?

They are called finger grips. Vise Grips is a brand name finger grips. They are rubber inserts that are glued in place in the finger holes. They are placed in uniform sized holes but each grip has a size in itself so that they fit your own figers. The purpose of the grips is to help you hold onto the ball easier and longer.

Is there a way to release the ememrgncy brake on a manual shift 2002 escape when the arm is down but the brake is still on?

the brake cables are probably seized in their sheats try lubricating with release all ---------------------------- The way i get stuck emergency brake cables freed is to clamp vise grips onto the emergency brake cable and hit the vise grips with a hammer. Clamp the vise grips onto the cable a few inches before where the inner cable goes into the outer sheath. Make sure that the vise grips are 90 degrees to the cable and tap on the vise grips. You wont have to hit very hard, usually just a few bangs will get the cable to work back into the sheath and free the brake. Remember not to use the emergency brake again until you get it fixed.

What is the best tools to use to take the sump plugs out from a Holden Astra?

Vise grips with curve jaws

How do you remove crickets wings from their bodies?

use an acetylene blow torch and vise grips! Everyone knows that!

Is it hard to repair a drippy Delta faucet?

No, you can fix it with a flat head screw driver and vise grips.

What if you strip the bleeder valve on your caliper?

If you can't remove it with vise grips replace the caliper. Rebuilts are fairly inexpensive.

How do you collapse front brake cylinders that have double cylinders?

Use a small. 2x4 of piece of wood with welding vise grips

How do you retract brake pistons on golf car?

You can either use a c clamp or c clamp vise grips hope this helpa

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