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The third person singular for the verb to ask is asks:

  • He asks...
  • She asks...
  • It asks...
  • John asks...
  • Jane asks...
  • Rover asks...
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Q: What is the third-person singular of ask?
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What is the person of who?

The pronoun 'who' is the thirdperson, the one spoken about.

What is the singular form of cervices?

I'm gonna say cervix? Most people know the singular and ask the plural.

What is present tense of Ask?

The present tense of "ask" is "asks" when referring to third person singular (he, she, it) and "ask" for all other subjects (I, you, we, they).

How can you setup the thirdperson in counter strike?

Third person can only be accessed while Spectating.When dead you can click space. You cannot play with third person.

What is plural for he she it?

The plural form for the singular, subjective he or she is they.The plural form for the singular, subjective it is they.The plural for the singular, objective it is them.And even though you didn't ask, I will throw in for no extra charge:The plural form for the singular, objective him or her is them.

What does pido mean in Spanish?

"Pido" in Spanish means "I ask" or "I request." It is the first person singular form of the verb "pedir," which means "to ask for" or "to request."

How do you ask someone if what they need in spanish?

What do you need? = Que necesita(n) usted(es)//necesitas/necesitais? (Formal singular (plural)//informal singular/informal plural)

Why is it incorrect to use the term criminal law in the singular?

i dont know go ask your mommy

Can you TAKE singular with allegra -d together?

Most likely not. However, ask a doctor of a pharmacist

How does a doctor ask you how are you feeling in spanish?

¿Cómo se siente / sienten /? (formal singular, plural) ¿Cómo te sientes? (informal singular) ¿Cómo os sentís? (informal plural)

What is the deepest reservoirs in England?

I can't answer the question if the enquirer can't ask it correctly. 'Is' is the the third person singular of the present tense, 'reservoirs' is the plural of the noun, and cannot follow a singular verb.

Is trollie a singular noun?

The word 'trollie' is not a word in English. Check the spelling and ask your question again.