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The suffix "ist" is not any part of speech as it is not a word. It's letters added to the end of a word to create another word, usually a noun.





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The suffix is the terminal part of a compound word. The word 'country side' has the suffix 'side'.

The prefix is the initial part of a compound word. . e.g. 'Attend', 'pretend', 'distend'.

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Q: What part of speech is the suffix ist?
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What part of speech is suffix?

Suffix is a noun. It refers to a part of a word.

Before the suffix is added what part of speech is each word?

It depends onto which part of speech you are adding a suffix.

What part of speech is paleontologist?

A paleontologist is typically a noun because a paleontologist is a person. (a noun is a person, place, or thing.) The suffix "-ist" always refers to a person.

What part of speech is -ward?

"-ward" isn't any part of speech. It's a suffix.

What is the suffix for environmentalist?


What is the part of speech for the suffix -y?


What part of speech is -logy?

It's a suffix.

What words end with suffix ist?

Some words that use the suffix 'ist' are:abolitionistbotanistclarinetistdentistevangelistfatalistgeologistherpetologistisolationistjournalistkineticistlyricistmisogynistnihilistopportunistpianistquarterfinalistrealistsexisttranscriptionisturologistviolinistwatercolouristsxylophonistzoologist

What affects a word part of speech?

The suffix affects a word's part of speech. For example, the word 'happy' is an adjective. When you change the suffix, it changes the part of speech. If you change 'happy' into 'happiness' it becomes a noun; when you change it into 'happily' it becomes an adverb.

What part of speech is ING?

The word "-ing" is a suffix. You will see this suffix on the end of gerunds.

What part of speech is the suffix ish?

There is no part of speech for suffixes. -Ish is often part of words that are adjectives however.

What part of speech is created by adding the suffix itis to a word?

That suffix makes a noun.

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